Advantages of High-quality Manuka Honey

With their tiny wings carrying their black and yellow-striped bodies, bees are surely one of the most interesting and cutest insects out there. Their nature to unite with others of their kind and follow a queen bee show how socially susceptible they are. Bees are natural keepers of the environment. When they suck on the nectar from flowers, they carry and spread some pollen. This act allows plants to reproduce. Aside from their environmental contributions, bees can produce honey. Manuka honey is a type of honey in Australia and New Zealand. The bees that make manuka honey pollinate the manuka bush. The Unique Manuka Factor or UMF is a rating system for manuka honey. It also ensures that the honey is indeed manuka honey and has no additives. When you get manuka honey UMF 20, then you are getting an ultra-premium grade.


Honey: Sweet and Healthy

Honey is like edible gold. Today, people typically use honey as a sweetener. Some people drizzle honey instead of maple syrup on their pancakes or waffles. Some also put honey in their tea instead of granulated sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, you may also pour honey on fruit bowls. Honey is also great for sweet and savoury dishes. You can even have honey wine, which people call mead. Just as there are many ways to skin a cat, there are also many ways to enjoy honey.


Aside from adding sweetness to your life, honey is also good for health. Ancient Egyptians even used honey in all of their medications. Honey has natural antimicrobial properties and is rich in vitamins and minerals that ensure you are packed with nutrients for your day.


Honey Quality

Perhaps one of the most famous kinds of honey is the manuka honey UMF 20 because of its luxurious quality.  Farms would painstakingly monitor their honey production to ensure that it deserves the UMF 20 rating. Honey has a bunch of compounds that give it its distinct and complex flavour. The presence of some compounds determines if manuka honey deserves to have a higher UMF rating. Some of these compounds include Leptosperin, DHA, and Methylglyoxal. These compounds also confer health benefits to the consumer. Thus, high ratings like manuka honey UMF 20 not only say that the honey is delicious, but it also indicates that it has medicinal properties. Besides the number, another way to tell if manuka honey has high quality is the colour. The darker the colour, the more of these beneficial compounds the honey has.



With the declining population of bees, it is important to choose brands that are gatekeeping these bees. By having technologies that monitor the bees while producing high-quality honey, the companies can produce the honey without harming the bees. After all, the bees also need honey. Thus, companies can only have a small amount of manuka honey UMF 20 for selling. So if you have the chance, grab one already!


You can satisfy your sweet tooth and still look after your health by opting for honey. Out of all the honey available in the world, manuka honey is the kind that everyone is after. If you are going for manuka honey, you can further indulge yourself and go for a premium grade. However, bear in mind the environmental impact as well. Bees also need the honey, so choose companies that sustainably produce honey so that you get your sweet fix and keep the bees happy.



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