7 Ways to Use CBD for Bodybuilding & Fitness Recovery

cbd for bodybuilding and fitness

The use of cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming a trend among athletes. CBD has many health benefits that allow athletes to boost their bodybuilding and muscle recovery. Exercise is core for athletes but it also comes with challenges.

Feeling sore, tired or nauseous is common after an intense workout. Using CBD gives you natural relief. It allows you to exercise more and improve your performance.

CBD is a cannabis component that is safe. It won’t make you high. The increased legalization of cannabis is one of the reasons why CBD is soaring in popularity both medicinally and recreationally. It’s always important to make sure you get quality products from the likes of Marijuana Canada and other reputable sellers.

Should you start using CBD? Here are some of the reasons you’ll benefit from adding CBD to your routine…

cbd for recovery


1. It Can Reduce Pain

CBD is effective in treating different types of pain athletes experience. Whether its a mild muscle strain or chronic pain, CBD’s therapeutic properties will help ease it. According to studies, CBD tincture Canada intercepts the communication of pain signals and diverts them away from the brain, thereby easing pain.


2. CBD Helps to Alleviate Inflammation

CBD is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammations in athletes can result from injuries sustained during exercise or performance. Mild inflammation enables your body to adapt to new changes.

However, chronic inflammation can be debilitating. Studies suggest that CBD can fight inflammation, allowing your body to recover faster. You can apply CBD products topically or ingest.


3. CBD Can Boost Your Mood

Athletes can experience mood swings due to overtraining. Exercising becomes harder when you develop negative moods. Using CBD can uplift you, giving you the motivation you need to push through strenuous exercise.

Research shows that using CBD helps in easing anxiety, and discomfort. It achieves this by controlling blood flow to the part of the brain that regulates emotions.


4. CBD Supports Muscle Gain

CBD helps to maintain hormonal balance in your body. The cortisol hormone regulates blood sugar levels but has negative effects on muscle growth. CBD helps to regulate the levels of cortisol thus allowing protein synthesis and increased muscle growth.

CBD is also efficient in regulating blood sugar levels. It keeps the insulin levels checked which enables your body to store fewer fats and build more muscles. Alternatively, One can also take performance-enhancing drugs to build muscle mass at a rapid pace.


5. CBD Improves Sleep

A good rest is essential for an effective workout. If you’re experiencing insomnia then CBD can help improve your sleep. Studies show that CBD can significantly help you get a good night’s sleep.

This lack of sleep may be caused by pain. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties it eases the pain thus alleviating insomnia. When you rest, your body heals from injuries and thereby cures your ailments.


6. CBD May Enhance Metabolism

A 2016 study discovered that CBD may help in enhancing metabolism. Unlike its counterpart tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD doesn’t stimulate your appetite. Instead, it prevents boost metabolism through fat browning.

CBD activates proteins that break down fats in your body and raises the amounts of mitochondria. As a result, you burn more calories and lower the development of new fat cells.

In other words, fat browning helps to reduce weight gain. Athletes need to maintain the right weight for better performance and lower risks to heart diseases and diabetes.


7. CBD May Help to Reduce Nausea

Many athletes suffer from nausea. Statistics show that about 93% of marathon runners experience gastrointestinal issues. Nausea happens due to the overproduction of adrenaline.

Excess adrenaline in the brain hinders blood flow to the stomach and intestines. This interferes with the digestive system leading to nausea.

CBD can fight nausea. You can reduce nausea by taking CBD, as well as hydrating properly before and after your workouts.



Adding CBD to your fitness routine can enable you to work out harder and recover fast. CBD has lots of therapeutic properties that will suit your bodybuilding goals. And CBD exists in various forms giving you more ways of application.

However, there is still a need for more studies to verify how CBD works in the human body. It’s recommended that you seek out expert advice before using it.

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