Genetically 3 Variant of Cannabis Seed

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Genetics science is getting improves each day. Nothing remains like older. Each thing is getting updated, and science revel mysteries inside everything each day. The same thing is to happen with cannabis. Maybe you are not familiar with the terms of cannabis. This is another name of marijuana.

To give you more information, marijuana is made from the cannabis plant, which is a psychoactive drug, and this is illegal for people to use. Recently in so many labs, it has research cannabis seed genetics development and its variation. The seeds have three different types of change. Depends on the genetic difference, there is a lot of variety it has.

  • Regular seeds: The seeds that we have in daily life where it has 50 percent of male and other is female are considered as the proper seeds. Those seeds are not too keen to give you perfect growth in each year. Even if you seed up this, it will provide you with an annual result. Maybe you have expected more to have a crop. Even those type of seeds needs more light and air to give maximum effect as it can. But if you can remove the male plant mostly from these seeds, then you will have the possibility to have better results.
  • Feminized seeds: From the regular seeds, the feminized seeds are more updated in this type of seeds, no male seeds, and less possibility to have hampered by insects. This is a type of indica-sativa and medium powerful plant. Proper maintenance of those seeds will give you the perfect result.
  • Auto-flowering Seeds: The most potent development and more intensive things are the auto-flowering seeds. There 100 percent is female. This is possible to give you more than your expectation. After the plant, it will take only ten weeks to become a perfect condition. There is less likely to have the worst situation, and it does not require a lot of things like air, light, and other things. You just need to seed up them on soil and give some fertilizer. That will be doing its job without help.

marijuana seeds

So here you maybe notice one thing that is all the types of seeds have their unique and own features. This will never found people will never pay time to research.

This is interesting but true that there most people the same as the question that, if cannabis is not accepted, then why people are researching this thing. It has a profound and technical answer.

First of all, scientists want to discover the more profound things that maybe help them to use these things in another sector. Ever genetic development maybe moves society and civilization to a hugely enjoyable time.

Even we still never know what things more have inside the seeds. If we know all the things about this, we can use this cannabis properly in proper time to make our life easier. And of course to know deep things about those seeds we need to have a long search on this.

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