Hemp Tea – 6 Benefits for Your Health

hemp tea

The Benefits, Preparations and Effects of HempTea

What Is CBD HempTea And Why Is It The Best Selling hemp Product? In this article you will learn the 6 best biological properties of hemp tea, what it is – a helper for those who want their body and mind to enjoy peace and regeneration.


The Highest CBD Level

It is common to grow a variety of cannabis to have high levels of THC, but we don’t need it. A new trend is the cultivation of cannabis plants for higher levels of biodiversity, the second most important substance of cannabis being the therapeutic effect. For example, the French variety Ferimon has more than 3% CBD. Learn more here – What is CBD ?


Hemp Tea – Newly Grown

When it comes to hemp tea, the CBD content must be at least 1.5% CBD. Tea requires a later harvest than usual. Hemp tea should not be harvested after 3 months of sowing, but after 5 months when the cannabis plant is fully matured. Therefore, the color of tea is not green but green-brown.


Hemp Tea – Mostly Taste

Fully harvested at the time of harvest, the hemp plant gives the tea a fuller, more earthy and exquisite flavor. It is possible and even recommended to mix tea with other herbs as needed. For example, the combination of chamomile or marigold is wonderful and versatile.


CBD in Tea – Strongest Impact. But Does it Get You High ?

If you are first making CBD Tea, we recommend that you do it 1 hour before bed and then relax. Tea has a very strong soothing and relaxing effect, which causes deep sleep where the body can recover and heal itself. You can do this even in the morning when you are full of strength and reflection so you can better focus and have a peaceful new day. Do not make tea in the afternoon when classic fatigue comes. So if you do not want to be relaxed during the day, wait for the evening and then drink tea.


Hemp Tea – Frequently Asked Questions

How can this be when cannabinoids are only soluble in fat and alcohol?

First and foremost, cannabinoids are not only cannabinoids, but they also play an important role in affecting the human body and mind … CBD tea also includes terpenes, essential oils and other substances.

CBD Hemp Tea contains cannabis seeds, sometimes even crushed. These seeds contain oil (fatty acids), which are released into the water to help the cannabinoids absorb better.

And third, cannabinoids are known to dissolve to some extent in water.


How to Make Hemp Tea ?

Making hemp tea is pretty easy. Use one tablespoon of tea, add 250ml of boiling water and allow to brew the tea for about 5-10 minutes. The longer you hold, the stronger the tea will be.

For maximum effect, it is recommended to enrich the tea with a piece of butter or a few drops of oil.

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