5 Life-Changing Health Benefits of CBD for Seniors

cbd benefits for seniors

A significant number of senior citizens often suffer from chronic illnesses that see them live out their golden years in agony. In most cases, you will find them having joint and muscle pains followed by poor quality sleep, among other conditions.

Some even end up with reduced bone density that makes them susceptible to fractures and injuries. To manage such ailments, doctors tend to give them numerous pain medications.

While some medications work perfectly, others tend to cause additional side effects, which end up disrupting their peaceful life. The good news is that seniors can opt for trusted extracts, a cannabinoid product that can help them combat some of the symptoms such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and bowel problems that result from aging.

CBD can help ease the symptoms and enhance the quality of life of seniors. Let’s have a look at five life-changing health benefits of CBD for seniors.

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1. CBD Oil Can Help with Their Quality of Sleep

Elders often have so many processes taking place in their bodies, which leads to sleepless nights. Lack of adequate sleep may affect the quality of their lives. With CBD, seniors who experience insomnia can finally get quality sleep.

CBD from ILGM works with the endocannabinoid system to balance the levels of serotonin in the brain and balanced serotonin hormone eradicates REM sleep cycles. REM is a disruptive sleep cycle that usually leads to short periods of sleep that are not fulfilling.

Serotonin hormone then induces the NREM cycle, which generally involves quality sleep for a more extended period. Thus, seniors end up regaining deep sleep, which is crucial to their relaxation and overall wellbeing.

Most elders can take 20mg of CBD 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. By then, the effects will have kicked in.

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2. Cannabidiol Can Lessen Their Pain

Muscle and joint pains are widespread among seniors, as their joints no longer have enough lubrication to keep their movement smooth. Instead, worn out tendons and muscles added to the grinding of bones can lead to unbearable pain. For relief, elders can consider taking CBD products.

Whether oils, tinctures, or gummies, CBD products will send signals to the brain cells to prevent the absorption of a molecule known as anandamide. Thus the pain will subside since the brain will be unable to detect pain emanating from the affected regions.

Seniors, therefore, do not have to worry about constant pain, keeping them up at night. If the pain is intense, a dosage of 40mg will be perfect. In case you are a regular CBD consumer and that dosage feels mild, consider adding 5mg every 40 minutes until you reach the appropriate dosage.

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3. CBD Can Help Treat Stress, Anxiety, or Depression

Stress and anxiety disorder among seniors can lead to conditions such a heart palpitation, poor digestion, and reduced concentrations. It can also lead to the reoccurrence of a preexisting health condition that can worsen over time, which is why a lot of prescribed pills meant for stress, anxiety, or depression are taken.

Unlike over the counter medications, CBD can help manage the conditions effectively. That is because it plays a significant role in ensuring the balance of serotonin. Seniors should have balanced levels of the hormone because when the levels are too high, it causes anxiety and stress.

On the other hand, if the hormone levels are too low, it leads to depression. However, seniors under medication should seek doctor’s advice so as to prevent drug interaction and also get to avoid any negative impacts that may arise.

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4. Cannabidiol Can Help Strengthen Senior’s Bones

The reason why most seniors are susceptible to fractures is due to the degeneration of their bones. As seniors grow older, their bones lose vital minerals, which makes them weak. Consuming CBD at least once a day can prevent the degeneration process.

The use of Cannabidiol makes the compound seep through their pores into the bones, therefore, facilitating quicker healing of fractures. It can also lead to bone development, which ensures seniors are strong enough and less susceptible to fractures.

Seniors can also consume CBD oil in the form of gummies if they find topical application to be a less ideal application method.


5. CBD Can Help Ensure Heart Health

The heart is one of the most crucial organs in humans. It facilitates the pumping of oxygenated blood throughout the body. Unfortunately, most seniors suffer from heart diseases such as high blood pressure.

According to reports, CBD can help regulate blood pressure and prevent heart disease because it can relieve inflammation and stop the oxidation of the blood. Seniors, therefore, end up experiencing smooth blood flow.

This keeps the heart healthy and ensures cells get enough oxygen and nutrients.

cbd heart health

Those are some of the ways seniors can benefit from CBD. The compound has properties that facilitate the processes highlighted above. CBD can help relieve chronic pain, ease inflammation, and prevent heart disease.

They can also enjoy a clear mind, which leads to adequate sleep that is vital for bone regeneration. The fascinating bit is that CBD can help facilitate all those benefits without any side effects. [CBD Source]

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