Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Stack: Wanna Optimize Your Brain Like a Pro?

universal nootropics mind lab pro review

If your answer is YES, you came to the right place. Take a look at my experience with Nootropic Stack and read Mind lab Pro review below. Find out how to get BEST results and what mistakes YOU should avoid!

Good to hear, that you wanna reach more goals in your life by optimizing your brain performance. Otherwise, why you are here..?

do you also struggle to lose the brain fog?

A couple of months ago, I’ve been searching for an extra boost during the days when energy levels were low. This could have happened because my days were very busy, due to the exercise program and client consultation. Sometimes I experienced something that nootropic users called “Brain fog” (brain fog is a term to describe mental fatigue.). Ohh I hate it! That time I couldn’t concentrate on my work and I lose my productivity. I couldn’t go any longer, so I decided to try nootropic stack again, hoping do get it to work. If you are experiencing: brain fog, mood swings or imbalance, chronic fatigue, lack of concentration or forgetfulness, keep reading and I will tell you possible solutions. I’m Dane Urcue and I would like to introduce a completely new approach to Nootropic Supplements. Let me tell you about my experience and how it can HELP YOU to reach the same results as me.

You can take a quick look at:

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How I get into this…

Before I continue I need to tell a little introduction about myself. Just skip it if you don’t have much time. I’m working as a physician and physiotherapist for the past 8 years. I have been working with the people who want to become the healthiest versions of themselves using movement, nutrition, and a whole-body approach to medical care. I also study cognitive function and brain development, because I believe that we, humans are unlimited and you working on something that you really want to improve in this case – our brain performance, with the right tools and conditions you definitely can achieve it. Few key-factors are very simple that know everybody, but not everybody does – A healthy diet, regular exercise, and a balanced mind. If you already doing these simple things, you are a few steps ahead of others. And if you combine the last ingredient – right nootropic supplement – you will become amazed at how much you can improve brain performance. I tried a lot of nootropic stacks, but Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain works the best for me!

Because I’m using something that really helps me in my daily life, I just have to share my experience with you.

  In this Mind Lab Pro review for the first, we will try to understand what is Nootropic supplements and what benefits you can get from this. But wait… If you already know what is nootropic it means you are PRO hahaha. Joking, just scroll down to Mind Lab Pro review below and keep your focus there.   Now the boring theory part: Nootropics are substances capable of intervening in brain processes such as cognitive functions and mental agility to improve academic and work performance.  This Mind Lab Pro Review will highlight the importance of natural nootropics to enhance work performance and mental alertness. The human brain can adapt to changes, improving or decreasing its functions depending on the circumstances, due to this its response to nootropic enhancing substances of its tasks is quite rapid. Nootropics are not psychostimulants, like other substances available in the market. Natural nootropics do not create dependence or adverse effects. Dr. Paul Nussbaum talks about Mind Lab Pro supplement, how it affects memory and focus. If it’s not bothering you, I’ll suggest you listen to the interview below with Dr. Paul Nussbaum about Mind Lab Pro review. Video will take just three minutes of your time.


Ok. Now the fun part. Keep reading if you wanna know how I and a lot of other people achieve better brain performance with Mind Lab Pro supplement. When I saying a lot of other people achieve the same results, It means that I offered this natural nootropic stack for some of my clients. All of them took Mind lab Pro Supplement and been following by the strict diet and exercise schedule that I created for them, to improve their physical and brain performance. 4 of 5 of my clients have achieved their desired results.  

Mind Lab Pro Review 2020: Importance of Natural Nootropics

This product represents a combination of exclusive nootropics: this gives it a load of complete and complex substances with high levels of effectiveness.  If you wanna learn more you can

⇒ Visit Mind Lab pro website ⇐

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients list

The Opti-Nutra Mind Lab Pro is a blend of 11 ingredients. These Mind Lab Pro ingredients work together for you to improve the brain performance. The Opti-Nutra has been open about the Mind Lab Pro ingredients of the product. They have provided the exact quantity and names being used. That’s why I like them, they are clear about their products. The product is also certified from third party sources. It means that you can be sure about the trustworthiness and quality of the product. Mind Lab Pro Ingredients has been certified and it does not contain any banned substances. It means that it is safe to consume by athletes, like me, who often have to take drug tests to perform. If you do not know exactly what effect these Mind Lab Pro ingredients have on your body, click on the ingredient name.
Citicoline, otherwise called CDP Choline, seems to improve consideration and could improve memory, even though with just 200mg per serving, this is well under the 500-2,000 mg standard day by day portion, so its belongings are restricted except if you are enhancing the levels in your day by day diet.
PS (Phosphatidylserine)
Phosphatidylserine is a substance called a phospholipid. It performs a protective function in the brain and transmits signals between cells. Phosphatidylserine plays an important role in memory maintenance. Animal researches show that the level of this substance in the brain decreases with age.
Bacopa Monnieri
Bacopa Monnieri is one of the most common natural nootropics that has proven to be beneficial in enhancing memory, cognitive ability, and brain activity. Of all the possible herbal supplements, Bacopa is closest to the natural piracetam and is much stronger than equivalent products.
Lion's Mane Mushroom
Lion’s mane mushroom could protect you against dementia, relieve mild symptoms of depression and speed recovery from nervous system injuries.
Maritime Pine Bark Extract
Maritime Pine Bark Extract could boost your brain function, protect skin from sun damage, balance blood sugars and boost antioxidant status.
L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is often taken for fat loss and exercise performance, due to being a precursor to dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. NALT is an acetylated form of L-Tyrosine, which means it is better absorbed due to being water-soluble. It also means that a lower dose can be utilized, and it’s a true no-brainer ingredient for a product with such ambitious goals. There is a strong synergistic effect between NALT and caffeine. Something we haven’t been able to recreate by using regular L-Tyrosine, even at higher dosages.
L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that has been proven in some studies to help with energy levels and stress. Theanine has many different benefits for mood, cognitive function, and overall health. The main effect is the feeling of relaxation.
Rhodiola Rosea
Rhodiola Rosea has anti-inflammatory effects that improve mental performance. This plant can promote concentration among healthy people as well as those with chronic fatigue. These results were based on clinical trials that showed many benefits.
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient needed to maintain the health of the nerves, skin and red blood cells. Vitamin B6 is required for the synthesis of two major neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, which regulate mood balance, alertness, and sleep cycles. It is also important for myelin formation and brain health.
Vitamin B9
Vitamin B9, or folic acid, is essential for the growth and development of the body, the formation of new cells, the production of DNA, important for protein metabolism, and the synthesis of nucleic acids. Folic acid is important for normal brain function, mental and emotional health.
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is a necessary component of our diet for overall body health, but its benefits are particularly prevalent when it comes to brainpower. B12 supplementation has been shown to increase energy and overall alertness.

Is Universal Nootropic can Increase my Work Performance and Mental Agility?

Well, I will not tell you bullshit.

If you don’t have any disease, being lazy, eating shi*t, not going outside to breath fresh air, not doing regular exercises to keep your body healthy, then you are stupid at the moment and need serious concern about your life.

You will not reach any goals with this Brain Performance Supplement only. If you didn’t care about your health before, Nootropic Supplements will not work as you may expecting. Of course, it’s never too late to start everything from scratch and try to keep a healthy diet and balance in your life. I helped a lot of my clients to get their life into balance and they did it.

Remember, first healthy mind and then a healthy body!

Okay, let’s keep going on this mind lab pro review and I will tell you what mistake I DID. These substances separately affect brain functions, but together they work synergistically, enhancing their actions, the nootropics of Mind Lab Pro, act on neuronal processes such as citicoline and bacopa monnieri. It works by increasing cognitive functions such as memory, attention and mental performance because they favor neuroplasticity, other nootropics such as Lion’s Mane and Pino Bark have antioxidant effects, preventing damage to neurons and enhancing the effectiveness of synaptic processes. Mind Lab Pro Ingredients Vitamins B6, B9, and B12 are essential cofactors in brain enzymatic reactions, such as chemical neurotransmission, the presence of these nootropics in this supplement guarantees proper levels for optimal brain functioning. Vitamins B6, B9, and B12 are related to improved mood and brain performance. Nootropic has a vasodilator effect favoring neurotransmission and cerebral circulation.  

Don’t do a mistake that I did!

the first time I ordered 1 bottle, The second time I also ordered 1 bottle, and the third time I bought a whole package and I’m fucki** happy about it. If you are a healthy individual I’m 99% sure that you will buy Mind lab pro again. Plus you don’t have anything to lose, in case this nootropic stack doesn’t work for you, they will give all money-back to you. So worries-free dude. I made a price table below. If you had a thought to try it, buy 3 + 3 packages with no doubt about it because you will save a lot of money from the shipping charges and product discount! P.s the price is in the dollar, but you can change the price in almost all currencies in Mind lab pro website.  

1-Month Supply (1 Box)
$ 65.00
+ shipping & handling
2-Month Supply (2 Boxes)
$ 130.00
+ shipping & handling

Let’s have a look at the benefits I experienced with Mind Lab Pro

After one week of using this stack, I could feel that my mind got sharp, I’m sure that my brain started operating faster.

  •  My memory and attention was improved

Memory and attention are essential cognitive processes; nootropics are precursors of substances essential for brain functioning such as acetylcholine and glutamine, among others involved in the stimulation, transmission, and response of nerve impulses. Nootropic stack is crucial to improve work and academic performance.

  • I Could better control anxiety & mood

Vitamins B6, B9, and B12 are involved in mood, low levels of these vitamins are associated with depressive and anxiety episodes, substances such as Rhodiola decrease the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, this creates an atmosphere of tranquility which favors effective responses to the demands of the environment.

  • Possible Neuroprotective effect

Brain antioxidants protect neurotransmitter-producing cells and essential neuronal functions, this effect produces better mental performance and helps prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia. These health benefits are debatable if you are a healthy individual with no serious diseases. I didn’t notice much effect here, But I know that some ingredients work to protect neurotransmitter-producing cells.  

I’m serious, this nootropic stack helped me to increase brain performance

To be honest, If you try Mind Lab Pro, it could be a very small percentage that Mind Lab Pro will not work for you. But at least you will know that you are already optimized like a PRO! And you will not lose any money (Money-Back Guarantee) And of course, It’s not just from nootropic stack. The main thing is a few simple key-factors that I mention before to keep my body healthy.  

Who is this Nootropic Stack Best For?

  • For students

This type of nootropic stack is useful for students who face essential assessments or who have learning problems due to stress.

  • For entrepreneurs

If you are a business-minded person who constantly living in the busy rhythm of our modern world, it would be a good idea to have an extra boost in your daily life. I can guarantee you, that most hard-core entrepreneurs don’t have much time to calculate nutrition amount, diet and keep a healthy balance.

  • For professionals

The work world is very competitive, for that reason, the worker must have excellent performance and be efficient depending on the activity and time, this type of nootropic supplements provides the necessary boost of energy and mental agility.

  • For people with a family history of neurodegenerative diseases

The protective effect of nootropic stack is the ideal preventive treatment, in older adults, it can be useful depending on their state of health, and must be accompanied by professional monitoring and cognitive activities that allow increasing cognitive activity and work, such as board games and strategy.  

Mind Lab Pro The world’s first Universal Nootropic stack™, Mind Lab Pro® It can boost all aspects of cognition in all types of people – especially those whose active lifestyles demand dynamic brainpower

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why mind lab pro by opti-nutra should be taken on an empty stomach?

You shouldn’t take Mind Lab Pro on empty stomach. Instead of that, Pills should be taken along with a light meal.

How much does mind lab pro cost?

Mind lab pro offers you 3 different supplies. You can choose:

  • 1-Month Supply ($ 65.00)
  • 2-Month Supply ($ 130.00)
  • 3-Month Supply + 1 Free ($ 195.00)

How long does mind lab pro take to work?

Most people started immediately after taking 4 capsules of Mind Lab pro. Those who took the regular recommended dose of 2 capsules saw their results after two weeks. To find out more, read the mind lab pro review 2020 below.

How popular is mind lab pro?

Opti-Nutra has been working since 2015. During that time, they sold the Mind Lab Pro to thousands of people. For most people, Mind Lab Pro has helped improve brain function. Read the mind lab pro review above, to find out more.

How to use mind lab pro when creating a stack?

You should use any other stacks then taking Mind Lab Pro. Mind lab pro ingredients carefully selected for best performance. If you are an experienced user and you know what you are doing you can try to combinate various nootropic supplements together. Always consult with your doctor when creating a stack.

Who is using mind lab pro?

Used by people who want to improve their brain performance, from athletes to students and entrepreneurs. You can read the mind lab pro review 2020 below to find out more.

How to use mind lab pro?

Take two Mind Lab Pro capsules in the morning or early afternoon. In times of intense cognitive demands, such as before a workout, during exams, or while facing a professional deadline, Mind Lab Pro dosage may be doubled to four capsules daily for greater performance-boosting activity. Do not take more than four capsules in any 24 hours.

How much is one bottle of mind lab pro?

One bottle contains 60 capsules that will last you for one month. You get a +1 free bottle if you buy 3 bottles.

Who sells mind lab pro?

Because of the money-back guarantee, safe payment and reliability, we recommend that you purchase Mind Lab Pro only from an authentic website. Visit www.mindlabpro.com

Where does mind lab pro ship from?

They ship your order from the United Kingdom.

Who owns mind lab pro?

The Mind Lab Pro brand is owned by Opti-Nutra Ltd. Valmir J Pereira is the CEO – Founder at Mind Lab.

How long does mind lab pro last?

It could last you from one to three months, depending on how often you use, metabolism and your body weight.

What to stack with mind lab pro?

We don’t recommend to stack mind lab pro with no other nootropic supplements.


Mind Lab Pro Side Effects

Natural nootropic stack does not represent such high health risks, unlike synthetic nootropics, because their formulations tend to intervene directly in the action of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, generating excessive drowsiness. Other aspects against it are the possible dependence shown in some consumers. Avoid the consumption of nootropics of synthetic origin, and the most recommended and safe option is the natural nootropics Mind Lab Pro: Universal Nootropics.  

There are a few things that I don’t like about Mind Lab Pro:

  • For some people, the price could be too high. But you paying for the product quality. Also, you can’t stack with other nootropic supplements, as this can cause you possible side effects.
  • It’s possible to experience side effects if you do not keep manufacture recommendations of using product right way. Also, avoid using another nootropic stack if you planning to use mind lab pro.
Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Stack: Wanna Optimize Your Brain Like a Pro? 1

My personal verdict

I already using Mind Lab for almost 4 months now and feeling noticeable effects on cognitive functions. I will do a break after 4 months to keep the tolerance below the line. If you trying to live stress & anxiety-free lifestyle, eating the right foods and doing regular exercises, you have a very high chance to noticeably improve brain performance by taking Mind Lab Pro. 

My verdict is 4 of 5! – Worth a try.


Where to Buy Mind Lab Pro?

I strongly recommend you to buy directly from their company website as they provide:

  • Free Worldwide Shipping if you buy 3-Month Supply
  • 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Safe & Secure Payments (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard)

They sent all orders within 24 hours after you make an order. Your shipments are safe because they are sent via tracked mail service like USPS, FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, DPD and Trakpak.

If you are not satisfied with the results after taking Mind Lab Pro Supplement for 30 days, you can return your empty bottle and they will do a full product refund.

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Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Stack: Wanna Optimize Your Brain Like a Pro? 2 Stay sharp and optimize like a PRO! Learn more about modern nootropic stacks – Alpha Brain Review – Amazing Benefits of Using Nootropics    
Mind Lab Pro®
Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Stack: Wanna Optimize Your Brain Like a Pro? 3

Mind Lab Pro® meets the brain’s complex needs with 11 nootropics working in 6 bio-pathways to optimise a wide array of cognitive functions — for whole-life mental performance.

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