Positive Effects Of Testosterone Therapy In Men



Testosterone is usually identified with masculinity, strength, aggression, and violence. This is stereotyped thinking. Testosterone plays an important role in both the male and female bodies. This article will tell you what testosterone is.

1. Characteristics of testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone synthesized mainly by the testicles, and also by the adrenal glands (in men and women), as well as the ovaries. Testosterone production is controlled by a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland.

In the male body, testosterone is responsible for developing secondary sex characteristics during puberty, when testosterone levels are particularly high.

2. The role of testosterone in men

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone and as such has many important functions:

  • enlargement and development of the member and testicles;
  • lowering the timbre of the voice;
  • the appearance of pubic hair and facial hair during puberty; in adult life testosterone is associated with alopecia;
  • increase in muscle mass;
  • bone development and strengthening;
  • maintaining a normal sex drive;
  • sperm production.

Due to its properties, testosterone is often used in bodybuilding. Then one of the effects of testosterone is a better increase in muscle mass. However, testosterone should be used with caution because you can pay a high price for the often spectacular effects of testosterone.

One of the side effects of testosterone is stopping the natural production of testosterone. However, these side effects of testosterone are only noticeable after the end of the cycle of taking this substance, because we previously supply testosterone from the outside.


3. The role of testosterone in women

Testosterone is mistakenly seen as a purely male hormone. Testosterone in women has a great impact on:

  • proper functioning of the ovaries;
  • bone strength;
  • the correct level of libido.
  • The proper functioning of the ovaries requires a good balance between testosterone and estrogen.


4. Excess testosterone in men

Testosterone in excess is a fairly rare condition in men. Testosterone levels fluctuate significantly, both at different stages of development and in one day, so it’s difficult to determine the correct testosterone value.

Most often, excess testosterone is noted in athletes who use anabolic steroids, testosterone, or other testosterone-related hormones to increase muscle mass.

Symptoms of excess testosterone are primarily:

  • low sperm count, reduced testicular size, impotence;
  • myocardial damage leading to an increased risk of a heart attack;
  • prostatic hyperplasia causing problems with urination;
  • liver disease;
  • acne;
  • swelling of the legs due to fluid retention;
  • weight gain;
  • hypertension and high cholesterol;
  • insomnia;
  • headaches;
  • increase in muscle mass;
  • increased risk of blood clots;
  • stunting during puberty;
  • aggressive behavior;
  • mood swings, delusions.

In women, excess testosterone is usually associated with polycystic ovary syndrome. Excess testosterone in women is manifested by an irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, excessive body hair, androgenetic alopecia, depression, and weight gain.


5. Testosterone deficiency

Testosterone is the body that sometimes falls below normal. A man’s testosterone deficiency can be a more serious problem than his excess. Men whose testosterone production decreases, causing testosterone deficiency, may notice a reduction in body hair, a decrease in muscle mass, a decrease in libido, and a decrease in testicular size.

At the same time, testosterone deficiency (especially when accompanied by an increase in the amount of estrogen in the male body) causes breast enlargement and bone weakness. Some men, as a result of testosterone deficiency, even experience hot flashes and problems with concentration, depressed mood, and hypersensitivity.

Testosterone is an extremely important hormone, whose proper level ensures the proper functioning of the body of both woman and man. Adequate testosterone levels are particularly important for the reproductive system and normal sex drive.

In the case of testosterone deficiency
, a free testosterone level test should be performed. Free testosterone testing is done when your total testosterone level is questionable. Free testosterone will allow you to diagnose various conditions associated with both deficiency and excess of testosterone.

Many people with low testosterone are wondering how to increase testosterone. There are many ways to increase testosterone. Men who are wondering how to increase testosterone may opt for natural methods or testosterone tablets. Testosterone tablets are a quick way to supplement testosterone deficiencies.

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