RAW Powders Review 2020 – Increase Brain & Body Performance

raw powders review 2020

If like me, you are a person who cares about your health, but you do not have much knowledge on the subject, this is an article for you. I will explain what I have learned about the Raw Powders brand, and I will tell you the great benefits that I began to perceive from the first time I use them.

As you will see later, raw powders are not medications or magic potions of eternal youth; far from that. They are beverages that you can prepare in your own home to feel good and be healthy. Let’s start!


What are the RAW Powders?

Raw powders are food supplements, but what does this mean? They are substances that we take to complement our daily diet and get everything our body needs, which sometimes we do not get with food.

Dietary supplements are available in different presentations, such as capsules, pills, energy bars, beverages, or powder, to prepare drinks with different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes to cover various needs of our body.

For example, calcium or vitamin D pills are dietary supplements that are not aimed at curing disease such as osteoporosis, but at maintaining bone health. Also, we found raw powders to gain weight, one to improve memory and another one to feel more energetic.


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How to Choose the Appropriate Raw Powders?

Now that we understood the function of a dietary supplement and what raw powders are, we find ourselves facing this question: which one do we choose? It can be the most challenging part since our body has unique requirements. Those supplements that work for other people may not help us in the same way. On the Raw Powders website, you will find four broad categories of supplements. In each of them, you will see a small list with other more specific products. Let’s talk a little about this:

  • Nootropics and Brain Food: They are supplements designed to improve and enhance the performance of our brain. For example, Noopept – which is quite common in university students– improves cognitive ability by stimulating energy impulses in our brain.
  • Health and Wellness: Here, we find the supplements that help us to be healthy and full of energy; that is, those rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Weight-Loss: These are focused on helping us burn calories and eliminate fat from our body; of course, a balanced diet and exercise must accompany them.
  • Sports Nutrition: They are specialized for those who perform high-performance exercise because they help them build muscle, gain endurance and energy.


Which one should you choose? It will depend on your needs. A young man who spends six hours studying does not have the same needs as a person who runs 10 kilometers in the morning and lifts weights in the afternoon. 

It also happens with a mother who takes care of her two children all day; she does not require the same energy as a grandmother who takes yoga classes.

To know which supplement is right for you, you must know what your body is asking for. Do you feel tired all the time? Did you lose your appetite? Are you suffering from mental fatigue? 

It is essential to know what your body is asking for and, above all, seek advice from a nutrition expert to help you interpret what your body says.


But How Raw Powders Improves your Performance and Health?

It is straightforward. Food is the way through which our body can maintain and meet its needs; it is the way nature created us, and when we get all these substances, we feel healthy.

For various reasons, it is a bit difficult to follow a full diet every day. Even though we want it, that is why it is so vital to use dietary supplements to be healthy.

There is scientific evidence that supplements help us prevent some disorders (1); this is because it is challenging to perform vital functions optimally if we require a substance.

Now you know what the Raw Powders world is all about! Are you ready to start improving your nutrition today?


Frequently Asked Questions

Do RAW Powders provides discounts or coupon codes ?
+ Actually, yes! Sometimes they provide coupon codes directly on their website.
Do they offer Free-Shipping ?
+ Yes! They offer Free-Shipping if the value of your order is more than €55. Depending on the country of the European Union, your shipment delivery time will vary between 3 to 7 days.
Do they offer a refund If I not satisfied ?
No. Any products with damaged or opened packages are strictly not returnable. If damaged or opened packages are sent back to them, they will not return your money.
Should I Try ?
Well, I won’t hide my concerns at first whether RAW Powders Noopept and Phenibut are really good quality because I never heard of this brand before. Eventually, I was quite amazed by the quality of the product. But they could pack everything in better packages because sometimes the zip doesn’t work.

Reasonable and affordable prices almost for everyone, I Will buy from them again.


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RAW POWDERS™ is a team of Mental health and Fitness experts living with one main goal: “Highest quality for the best results”. As the name itself of our production suggests that purity is one of the most important aspects we follow. Our specialists carefully select scientifically proved ingredients making none but beneficial impacts on the human brain and body.

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