Smoking, Vaping, Or Edibles? Here’s What You Should Choose During COVID 19

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Cannabis businesses have seen a significant spike in sales in the past few weeks. As we navigate our lives amid the coronavirus, more and more people turn to cannabis to meet medical as well as recreational requirements.

However, considering that COVID-19 is a respiratory illness and smoking can weaken your lungs, you must be measuring the pros and cons of smoking cannabis. In fact, cannabis businesses have been deemed essential and people are still stocking up on cannabis. This is why it becomes more crucial to make the right choice and opt for more secure methods of consumption.

The truth is that 3.7 million Americans, according to 2019 data, consume medical cannabis. These patients get cannabis with the help of a medical marijuana card in their respective cities.

And people with underlying conditions are at higher risk of contracting the coronavirus. So, smoking cannabis is not a wise choice amid this chaos and we will help you learn why. Read on to find out.

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Smoking Cannabis Should Not Be Your First Choice

First and foremost you need to understand that COVID-19 is new to all of us. Scientists are learning new things about the virus each day and for now social distancing is the key to curb the spread of the virus.

This also means that we don’t have data in abundance and no detailed research on how the coronavirus may affect individuals who smoke cannabis regularly. However, we can gather some significant evidence from the previous research and try to join the dots.

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What Does Research Say?

For instance, here’s a clinical characteristic of the coronavirus disease published in the New England Journal Of Medicine that shows the data of patients affected with the coronavirus.

This analysis indicated that patients with smoking history were at more risk of the virus and it was one of the underlying conditions. Other underlying conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney diseases were also quite prominent in patients who smoke cigarettes. Perhaps the reason why the CDC lists smokers on the top of the high-risk group.

In fact, if you notice carefully, this issue should not surprise you anymore because we are well aware of the impact of smoke on the lungs. A study shows that tobacco smoke contains 7,000 chemical compounds and these compounds generate toxic components.

These toxicants travel through every organ of our body and damage the heart, respiratory tracts, lungs including the blood vessels. Not only this but even vaping will deteriorate the health of your lungs. This is the reason why smoking or vaping cannabis should never be your first choice during these crucial times.


Why Are Edibles A Better Choice?

Given the fact that smoking can be dangerous for your health, it is definitely safe to switch to other forms of consumption. For example, marijuana edibles, tinctures, tablets, oils, sublingual, and topicals.

You can choose one according to your medical requirements and don’t forget to consult 420 doctors before you plan on switching to a different method of consumption. That said let us see how edibles can benefit you during the pandemic.

Well, first and foremost, edibles will not irritate your respiratory tracts or your lungs. You can bake or cook with cannabis at home and consume the right amount to help you alleviate your medical condition.

A 2019 study reports that marijuana and its cannabinoids, particularly CBD can treat mental health conditions such as anxiety. The study went on to say that 79% of the people who consume cannabis for sleep-related issues and to decrease anxiety reported a positive effect.

Although scientists require more evidence and research to see the long term effects of cannabis on the brain. But, for now you should consider choosing other forms of consumption like edibles. So, consume your cannabis safely and don’t share your cannabis until the pandemic subsides.


The Final Thoughts

Before you indulge in edibles make sure that you consider a few things. For instance, if you are consuming edibles for the first time start slow and go small. Edibles take time to digest and sometimes people make the mistake of consuming more because of the delayed effects.

This brings me to the next point you have to be patient and ensure that you consult your medical advisor before consuming edibles.

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