What is to follow when high profile lawsuits filed against two CBD dealing companies for selling cannabidiol by unlawful means?

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USA’s Food and drug administration department issued letters of warning to 15 companies who were allegedly marketing CBD containing products in ways that breach the terms and conditions of the federal food, drug, and cosmetic law.

The FDA also issued a consumer notice stating the CBD products have the potential to affect humans and can do so even before they become cautious about it.

This consumer update by FDA has left manufacturers, retailers, and distributors waiting for further notices on how to operate their business henceforth. The FDA is soon to release formal guidelines for the cannabidiol companies.


Only after a few days following the issuing of the consumer notice and warning letter, a series of class-action lawsuits were filed against two major dealers of CBD products, CV Sciences Inc. and Charlotte’s Web Holdings of California and Colorado face allegations regarding FDA violations mentioned in the warning letter and the consumer update issues by the FDA.


The allegations say that the companies contravened California consumer protection, engaged in false advertising, violated completion laws, and misinformed consumers by labeling the CBD products as dietary supplements.

The allegations further included the indulgence of the companies in claiming wrong ingredients to be present in the CBD products on their website which is misleading and false. The worst part is consumers have relied on such false information and purchased CBD products.

Congress has left this case to the jurisdiction of the FDA. Consumers are expecting new guidelines regarding this CBD industry. It will remain with the FDA unless proper steps are taken and further notice on dealing CBD legally is served. The guidelines would cover marketing, labeling, and other things related to CBD products.

What is to follow when high profile lawsuits filed against two CBD dealing companies for selling cannabidiol by unlawful means? 1

However, brands and consumers waiting to further notice regarding this issue will have to wait because it seems that the FDA is more concerned about finding better ways of dealing with the global pandemic. R\The CBD issue is likely to remain as it is for some time.

Regarding this issue, the FDA has announced that it is concerned about the fact that people many times mistakenly believe that CBD products don’t hurt. They also believe that CBD products, which are mostly illegal have been approved by the FDA because they are safe.

It has made the public aware of the potential damages which CBD can cause in individuals, like liver injury, the dysfunctionality of the male reproductive system, gastrointestinal diseases, alertness, and frequent mood changes.

The FDA has also talked about the limited research that has been conducted regarding this matter and hence nor much is known about CBD and its products. The consumer update issued by the FDA has also made people aware of the presence of contaminants like pesticides etc. in CBD products which are unsafe.

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Keeping in mind the dearth of research and studies in this matter, the FDA has concluded that CBD and CBD induced products can’t be claimed to be safe for human and animal consumption.

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